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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What payment options do you accept? A. We accept direct debit, Paypal and Cash payments. Q. What are the differences between the models "Traditional Jumps" and "Combo’s"?
A. Traditional "Jumps" are more of a jumping castle only whereas the "Combo’s" has more features and is built to be more interactive with a built in slide and jumping area.

Q. How much are the costs to hire jumping castles?
A. Refer to our castles page for the full list of prices.

Q. Do I pay cash?
A. Payment is in cash only on the day of set up to the delivery driver. Paypal payments are processed in our office.

Q. Are you insured?
A. YES, we have $20,000,000.00 Public Liability insurance.

Q. Is there a delivery fee to my area?
A. Delivery is free in the Sydney Metro areas. Outside of these areas a delivery fee may apply. Please contact us to discuss.

Q. Can I place the jumping castle on any type surface?
A. Almost any type of surface, as long as there is NOT much of a slope or rocks/ stones

Q. Will you be able to deliver and set up the jumping castle into my backyard/Venue?
A. We will have NO problems delivering and setting up if you have at least 90cm clearance between the access paths.

Q. Will the jumping castle be delivered and set up before the party starts?
A. Depending of the arrangements made, in some cases we may need to deliver the jumping castle earlier than your party starts (at NO additional charge), but in most cases our staff will deliver approx. 45 min prior to your starting time.

Q. How far does the castle need to be from any walls, tree branches or nearby structures?
A. A minimum of 0.5m to 1m back and sides and a minimum of 1m to 1.5m for the front.

Q. Does the castle need to stay up the whole time?
A. Only whilst in use. If you prefer to switch it off when NOT in use you may. The jumping castle will take less than a few minutes to re-inflate.

Q. Does the jumping castle require continuous supervision?
A. YES, we will go through the safety precautions upon set up of Castle. A responsible adult over the age of 18 years of age will need to supervise at all times for the kid’s safety. If required we can provide adult supervision at a fee.

Q. Can we keep the jumping castle for longer?
A. YES you can for an additional fee, please advise on booking to ensure we have no other bookings.

Q. How many children can be on the jumping castle at the one time?
A. Our jumping castles can hold between 8 to 15 children all under the age of 12 years of any of our large range and 8 to 10 children up to 8 years of age on our Medium range. The responsible adult supervising the children will also need to make sure an appropriate age and size mix of children are on the castle at any given time.

Q. Do the jumping castles have any type of rain and sun cover?
A. YES all our jumping castles have Shade covers. Yes all our jumping castles have a rain cover

Q. Are your jumping castles clean and in good condition?
A. YES, our castles are clean and in good condition when delivered to your home/venue. We regularly inspect and clean our jumping castles. We keep regular maintenance of our castles and electrical equipment that run the castles.

Q. Are we responsible for any damage or cleaning of the castle after use?
A. YES you are responsible for any damage to the castle caused by misuse and you will be charged for the cost of the repair. You also need to ensure that the castle is cleaned prior to pick up. You will be charged a fee of $75.00 if our staff is required to clean any excessive mess on the castle.

Q. What are the basic guidelines to avoid damage or staining your jumping castles?
A. Avoid bringing anything that may cause damage or mess, such as: Shoes, sharp objects, streamers, crazy strings, children with face painting, food and drinks. Any type of eye ware that can break and damage the castle. To avoid any confusion please speak with the installer.

Q. Can the jumping castle be set up in a public/park?
A. YES only for kid’s parties, provided you get council approval. If there is NO power, there will be an additional charge of $55.00 for a generator per booking, per castle to run the jumping castle.

Q.Do you hire out on public holidays?
A. YES, we do hire out on public holidays. A surcharge may apply, due to our staff being paid penalty rates.

Q What size are your jumping castles and how much room is required to setup?
A. All our jumping castles are Medium size. The length is 4m, Width 4.5m and height is 4m. The set up area required is 5m x 5.5m. We also need to make sure the top of the castle does not come in contact with any object like overhanging trees.

Q. How much access space is required to get the jumping castle to the set up area?
A. Please ensure that there is at least 1m access to the setup area and that we are notified when making the booking of any stairs.

Q. How long does it take to set up and dismantle the jumping castles?
A. It takes 20- 30 minutes for a staff member to set up the jumping castle and go through the safety requirements. It takes around 30 minutes to dismantle the jumping castle. This is not included in the hire time.

Q.What are the hire times?
A. We have three options, a 4 hour hire time, 8 hire time or a 12 hour time (overnight). Hire times can commence at an additional cost or provide your own. The generator must be at least 3kva Generator Hire: 4hours $100, 7 Hours $130.. provided with petrol to operate for the total hire time.

Q. Do I get a reference/receipt number?
A. Your name and telephone number will be your reference number should you call with any questions. An invoice will be either emailed to you or on the day. I receipt will be email out to if required once payment has been paid in full.

Q. Can I get it any cheaper?
A. we do reward loyalty. Booking with Gearman’s Jumping Castle Hire can subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date to the latest special offers available with our